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Getting Ready to Have Your Lot Painted

There are several steps you can take to get ready for your parking lot to be repainted. Mainly, you need to evaluate your parking lot and decide what you want to be repainted and also start thinking about the things that need to be in place so a line painting company, such as ourselves, can efficiently work on your lot.

Choosing Your Colour

If you’re the indecisive type, fortunately you only have two colours to choose between when deciding on the color for your parking lot- yellow and white (besides black and handicap blue!). We find that 90% of the time our clients will decide to repaint their parking lot the same color that is already was.

You could switch from white to yellow or from yellow to white but there is one reason you may want to stick with the original colour. As the traffic paint starts to wear out and fade overtime, the old lines will begin to show through again. This means if you have a different colour of paint underneath it may start to show through and you will get two colours throughout your parking lot instead of one! Of course, you can still make the switch, but you may need to stay on top of it a little more (which is something you will probably do any ways if you are particular about keeping your parking lot looking its best).

Scope of Work

You need to decide what you want to repaint. We can definitely help advise you on this, but it is something you probably want to give some thought to before meeting with us.

Are there any markings that you want to get rid of? There are two ways to approach this. If there are some markings you want to get rid of and they are still quite strong or unfaded, we can use black traffic paint and black them out. However, if they are already quite faded you may want to consider just leaving them and not repainting them or blacking them out. This will allow the unwanted markings to fade until they disappear. This could be a better option then blacking them out because when you black something out the black paint eventually fades and the markings underneath start to come through again. This means you will need to black them out again the next time you are getting your lot repainted.

Prepare Your Lot

In order for us to efficiently repaint your parking lot your lot needs to be clean and clear of vehicles. If there is any debris on your parking lot that can’t be removed with a broom and a blower than this needs to be taken care of to ensure the paint is applied on a clean surface. Often some blowing and a broom us sufficient but sometimes power washing is required.

We also need vehicles cleared out so we can maneuver our painting machine into place. The machine requires at least 5 feet of space on at least one side of the line to be painted. Often we will work after hours when parking lots are empty. If for some reason a vehicle or two cannot be moved we may be able to work around it using shields. However, if there is much more than that it can take us a lot of extra time and we may have to charge a little more.


In conclusion, the steps you can take to prepare for the repainting of your parking lot include deciding on your colour, deciding what you want to repaint and finally, making sure your parking lot is clean and clear of vehicles.