Coast Line Painting

Quality line painting and parking lot services in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland since 1985.

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We also offer: Asphalt Repair

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Parking Lot Line Painting

We are very pleased to introduce you to the professional services of Coast Line Painting Ltd., the Lower Mainland specialists in painting parking lots and parkades. Coast Line Painting uses airless machines, only the best quality traffic paint, and our commitment is to timely and dependable workmanship.

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Line Marking Experience

Coast Line Painting Ltd. has a wide scope of capabilities, ranging from small lots to large shopping centers, ship docks such as Western Stevedoring Lynnterm, and institutions such as the BCIT campus. Our 25 years of experience have given us the ability to deal with even the most complex layouts.

white parking lot lines

Line and Road Marking Service

Coast Line Painting Ltd. specializes in new layout, repainting and redesign. Below are some of the specific aspects that might apply to your particular needs:

  • parking stall lines
  • numbers
  • lettering
  • arrows
  • handicap symbols
  • curbing
  • speed bumps
  • crosswalks
  • stop bars
  • crosshatching
  • sports courts
  • lamp post bases
  • specialty symbols
  • pillars or posts
  • playgrounds

We also provide eradication or blacking out (removal) of previous markings. Clean, freshly painted parking areas give a more welcoming, professional appearance and enhances safety.

white parking lot lines