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Correctly Applied Traffic Paint

When you are getting your parking lot repainted you want to maximize your investment by getting a job that will stand the test of time and not fade too quickly. Due to the effects of weathering and car traffic, lines will always need to be repainted at regular intervals. However, there are several factors that lead to a longer lasting application.

Non-Thinned Paint

Traffic paint isn’t cheap and some line painting companies will add paint thinner to their paint to save money. Naturally, a thinner application is going to wear out faster. This is why we never add paint thinner to our paint. We take great pride in our service and will not do anything to jeopardize the quality of our service.

Oil Based Paint

Latex paint is widely used for indoor residential painting. However, latex technology is not quite where it needs to be for traffic paint. Paint companies such as General Paint and Sherwin Williams are experimenting with Latex traffic paint but at this point is just doesn’t hold up enough. We find that Latex paint wears out much faster so we use oil based paint on all our jobs.

Clean Surface

Even after applying non-thinned oil based paint the durability of the application is at risk if it was not applied to a clean surface. If the paint is sprayed over a layer of grime or dirt it can easily chip away when this layer becomes loose. This is why it’s important to take the time to remove such dirt from surfaces being painted. When we come in to do a line painting job we will always tell you if a surface need to be power washed. If it does not need to be power washed we will use a broom and blower to clean the surface at no extra cost.

Dry Surface

Traffic paint needs to be applied to a clean and a dry surface. Oil and water do not mix so a surface needs to be dry for proper adhesion. This is why line painting is done in the summer and it’s go time when the sun is shining (especially here in Vancouver where it rains so often!). We also carry around a propane blow torch in the case there are small puddles which need to be dried up.

Warm Temperatures

Another reason line painting is only done during the summer is because traffic paint dries faster and adheres better in warm temperatures. If applying in temperatures under 10 degrees Celsius you are going to start comprising the ability of the paint to perform at its best.


Experienced and quality conscientious parking lot line painting companies will always make sure the aforementioned factors are in place when painting a parking lot. Make sure you’re investing in a line painting job that will last and not one that will need to be redone again before you know it.