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Choosing the Right Line Striping Company

Coast Line Painting is one of the longer serving line painting companies in Vancouver’s Lower Mainland. In fact, we’ve been in business for more than 20 years. When we first started there was only a small handful of line painting companies serving the area. However, a good number of competitors have sprouted up over the last 5-10 years.

One thing we’ve noticed is that not all of them produce the most professional work. Some may care more about how much line painting they can cram into a single night rather than if they are doing a professional job. The next time you are walking through a parking lot take a look and evaluate the line painting job using the following three points.

Straight Lines

Are the lines straight? It is much faster and easier for a line painter to freehand paint. However, much better results will be achieved when time is taken to use a chalk line, or lay out a rope for extra long lines to act as a guide when operating the line striping machine.

If the pavement is uneven, the lines won’t be quite as straight because the line striping machine is on wheels and will be affected by the bumps. However, where the uneven pavement has caused a line to be crooked, it can be fixed by taking the time to setup shields. A quality focused line painting company will take time to do this but others will not.

Even Line Endings

Look down along the endings of the lines. Are all the lines the same length? We often find that certain line painting companies don’t take the effort to make sure their lines are all the same length and the line endings are properly aligned. Doing this takes effort.

We often take a rope and lay it out along the line endings to make sure we are starting all the lines in the same spot. Very often we have to do this to fix a previous line painter’s job because their lines were free handed and are not all the same length. We believe this looks unprofessional so we take the time to fix it.

Overspay Cleanup

Line painting is a manual process and sometimes when painting you may miss the stencil or the machine may clog and spray off target. These mistakes, however, can be easily cleaned up by using a wire brush while they paint is still wet. Once it’s dry though, it’s there for good. Line painting companies which only care about getting in and out often do not take the time to fix these mistakes.

Nice Stencils

Stencils are used to paint arrows, handicaps and lettering on the pavement. You will find that some line painting companies use cheap stencils which have outdated fonts, uneven edges and appear to be homemade. We believe using laser cut, attractive and modern stencils is key to a professional line painting job.


When you are choosing the line painting company to paint your parking lot lines, whether it’s redo or new layout, make sure you go with an established line painting company which takes pride in its work. The professionalism of the line striping job on your parking lot reflects on your business. Does it look like you hired a professional company, or does it look like you tried to save money by doing it yourself?