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Quality line painting and parking lot services in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland since 1985.

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Asphalt Paving and Repair

We offer 2 main aspects of asphalt repair: crack sealing and pothole repair. We can also do more substantial asphalt paving jobs, including concrete work.


Aging pavement is susceptible to cracking. Crack sealing is performed to reduce water penetration and thereby help maintain pavement structural capacity and to limit future degradation.

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Potholes can become a safety issue both for vehicles and pedestrians. If not repaired, not only can larger sections of the pavement buckle and fall away but, owners and managers can face safety lawsuits.

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Asphalt Maintenance

When it comes to asphalt and its maintenance program, it is very easy to ignore it, and hope it will all go away. Unfortunately, that is exactly what will happen if nobody pays any attention to it. Don’t wait until you are plagued with cracks, oil stains, potholes, and alligator cracking to care for your asphalt. If you do, the repairs can be costly, or worse, you may have to replace all of the asphalt.

The need for an asphalt preventative maintenance program is of the utmost importance. The cost of such a plan is a fraction of the replacement cost and can double the pavement life.

Guaranteed Asphalt Repair Solutions

When you choose Coast Line Painting Ltd. you are always assured a job well done and a professional finish. We take pride in the quality of our work and enjoy seeing the satisfaction of our clients when they see their beautiful new parking lot. Contact us today for a free quote!