Coast Line Painting

About Us

Incorporated in May 1992, Coast Line Painting was initiated to be more than a business just for business sake, and more than just providing for the needs of our community or family. The founder, Glen Douglas Borosevich, worked for many years with a youth organization helping troubled young people on the streets, in schools, universities, prisons, etc. in Canada and also in other countries. His vision for the business extends beyond commerce or enterprise.

The vision of this business is marked by core values of excellence, integrity, and growth — excellence in Coast Line Painting's quality workmanship and full-ranged parking lot services; integrity in the way we relate to our customers and workers; and growth being a result and natural by-product of walking out these values. For many years Coast Line Painting specialized only in parking lot line painting. Today, the momentum of steady development has resulted in expansion into the full range of services including seal coating (commercial and residential), asphalt repair, and painting, as well as power washing.

We have an excellent team and are building upon a foundation for growth. We believe in integrity, servant leadership, quality, timeliness, and value pricing.

As the business prospers, it is our desire that, not only will the needs of our families be provided, but a percentage will also go towards helping others in this city, in this nation, and in other nations.

We thank you for the opportunity to serve you, and please feel free to communicate with us, and ask any questions you may have on our contact page.

All the best to you and to yours!

Glen Douglas Borosevich
Coast Line Painting Ltd.